Generate greater return from your media budget.

We believe efficiency and economy can be generated throughout all stages of the media process. Our media evaluation process extends beyond media rate benchmarking. Media benchmarks are equally applicable to an evaluation of the marketing media strategy process.

In our experience, the presence of a third party media consultant to scrutinise media agency output ensures that they adhere to best practice throughout all stages of the media process, driving value for your media investment beyond media rate.

Our multi-dimensional media rate benchmarking product has delivered extensive savings to our clients. However, our evaluation of media output extends beyond TV Costs and CPM achievement. We benchmark media rates for all activity on your media roster.

Further, ALL inputs that impact the efficacy and efficiency of media campaigns are reviewed. This includes placement against objectives, delivery of communication goals, ROI goals etc.

Our media auditing provides insight into the calibre of your media agency’s performance against YOUR objectives.

Our media value management success has been driven by our CEO Graham Webster, who also delivers the Media Advocacy Program. For those marketers that don’t have an internal media champion, this program bridges any internal knowledge gaps by providing media expertise essential to maximize budget efficiency.

The Enth Degree Media Advocacy Programme provides media consulting services to ensure that the media strategy process, implementation planning, media rates, invoicing and campaign reporting is reflective of best practice, and ultimately, best value.

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