The guidelines for engagement.

A fundamental part of business relationships, Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensure clarity and mutual understanding of contract details across all parties.

The SLA allows for transparency and accountability though the clear delineation of scope and the servicing framework. Looking beyond the SLA as a legal document, it drives service delivery management between the nominated parties.

It is our belief that the SLA is a value management tool, used to enhance the relationship between client and agency. It is this belief that underlines the content and specifications of each advertising agreement we deliver regardless of supplier type.

Enth Degree’s expertise extends beyond standard contract requirements and provision of contract templates, to the specific marketing schedules requiring definition in marketing-based agreements, from Third Party Supplier operations, to protecting IP, electronic asset management, and implementing technology-based updates as a result of the changing marketplace.

Our innovative approach to Service Agreement Analysis & Development has been adopted by a wealth of marketers.

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