Is your communications agency roster structured to work effectively?

Are you frustrated by duplication of resources across your agency roster (both at the agency and client side)?  Is there confusion around role accountability without clear agency processes?  Do you encounter a greater level of leadership by other agency partners that may not necessarily be your “lead supplier”?

If you answered yes to any of these you are not alone.  These and other challenging agency portfolio management situations have been presented to Enth Degree on many occasions.

In response, we have designed and implemented customised Integration Management models. By restructuring the agency portfolio to centralise strategic leadership and drive improved agency integration, we’ve seen changes that contradict traditional operational models.

It’s a big step, but the benefits are significant:

  • It improves strategic alignment throughout the process (no ‘re-invention’ by each agency),
  • It removes duplication in strategy across the portfolio of agencies,
  • It removes duplication in creative development,
  • It aligns with marketer internal processes,
  • It enables time and financial management,
  • It rewards integration and collaboration across the suite of communication partners,
  • It generates efficiencies in managing all agency deliverables, and
  • It can be client or agency driven.

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