Maximum value and efficiency from the right model/level/resource mix.

Underpinning any successful marketing initiative is the right remuneration model for your marketing requirements. Does your model consider your specific marketing requirements and scope of work? Is it scalable if your needs change? Does it incorporate data from the latest salary surveys? Does it encourage collaboration? Will it stimulate the best work from your agency?

Enth Degree takes a wholistic approach to remuneration reviews and remuneration modelling, with all elements taken into consideration – your internal structure, your scope of work, the type and allocation of resources, salary benchmarks, barriers to implementation, performance and productivity measures, etc.

Our expertise in remuneration model development, remuneration level benchmarking, and negotiation strategy spans government and corporate advertisers across a multitude of industries.

Our innovative and impartial approach to value management is reflected in our methodology. We evaluate remuneration levels and time allocation by individual resource and/or project. We constantly update our salary benchmarks database to ensure evaluations are relevant to the current marketplace.

The objective is to negotiate fair outcomes for all parties, and assist in building a successful client/agency relationship to ultimately drive value.

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