Tap into specialist knowledge.

Enth Degree’s work with marketers (across all areas of our services) is, by and large, an eye opening experience for our clients. Even with experienced marketing teams, they realise that knowledge gaps exist when it comes to managing agency value.

As a result, we are often asked to develop bespoke marketing training modules to fill these specific knowledge gaps. It’s not just marketing training – it’s about empowering marketing staff with the knowledge and skills to drive value from supplier relationships.

This has become more critical as marketers continue to embrace premium investment creative and digital initiatives. It is being embraced, but is it being managed?

Ask yourself… Do we know enough about agency processes, methods, and resource management to be sure we are receiving optimum value? Are there ways our marketing team can improve to effect increased value from our client/agency relationship? Do we need updated advertising training and digital marketing training to get us up to speed on the current market?

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