Tailoring a Communications Agency Tender Process.

Experience tells us that there will be many variables specific to your business situation that needs to be accommodated within any agency tender / pitch process. Enth Degree undertake an environmental analysis and establish the baseline data required for any tender/pitch process to succeed – in the short and long term.

We have experience developing and managing tender processes to secure the most appropriate, best value partner for our clients across the full spectrum of communications agencies: Strategic & Creative Advertising, Media, Digital, Design, Experiential, PR, Point of Sale, Sponsorship, Production, Social, SEM, SEO, Web Development & Maintenance, CRM, Database Management, Research & Analytics.

We design a tender / pitch process that will address your business and marketing objectives in terms of timing, staging, internal protocols, value generation, and evaluation requirements.  Following a fair and comprehensive agency tender/pitch process, Enth Degree will benchmark pricing and resource submissions to enable you to make a transparent and informed decision on the selection of your communications partner.

As experienced marketing practitioners, Enth Degree can provide critical strategic insights and marketing tips throughout the process that can assist the process – from communications processes to development of proposed agency marketing campaign submission evaluation criteria to negotiation of final contracts.

Following the tender/pitch process, we ensure the larger marketing team is trained on the new contract to ensure they can effectively manage the agency and obtain the best value out of any new arrangement.

Our core values of Innovation, Integrity, and Impartiality are inherent within this service. We don’t limit our search to a restricted agency roster, we don’t accept payment from agencies, we do continuously improve our methods, and we plan for long term value management with your appointed supplier beyond the initial honeymoon period.

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