Ignorance is not bliss.

Advertising cost compliance auditing is sometimes mistakenly considered to be:

  • Inconsequential, given the apparent minor costs in dispute by individual invoice, and
  • Unimportant, given there are more compelling projects underway, often concurrently.

However we believe accountability remains critical. By engaging an industry experienced third party, our clients have witnessed the considerable impact that non-compliance has on marketing budgets, and the resulting savings from adhering to service agreements.  This applies to agency costs and advertising costs – we can do auditing and cost benchmarking for both.

Some of the more common issues we uncover relate to oversight of contractual obligations, lack of transparency, exceeded cost benchmarks, duplicated charges, overcharging, and third party supplier invoicing inconsistencies.

In our experience, these issues are easily and willingly remedied by agencies/media, but only once clients are alerted to the issues by Enth Degree.

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