• We are a partner to marketers with the objective to achieve the best possible output from their communications agencies at the best competitive price.
  • We are specialists in agency value management and communications integration across all disciplines in the communications process.
  • We are an independent marketing management consultancy.  Our marketing consulting services are outlined here.
  • We are an ethical consultancy. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t take payments from agencies. In fact, we will not accept work from agencies.
  • We are driven by our ‘value management’ objective and our beliefs in InnovationIntegrity, and Impartiality – the basis for any position with Enth Degree.
  • We are different. Our range of talent includes consultants in marketing, media, legal, accounting and procurement. This enables us to analyse a broad variety of client issues by harnessing the expertise of the specialists and strategists in our team.

Our Value Management Drivers are: