Agency Relationship Management – Prevention is better than cure.

How does any relationship work? With open and honest communication.

Enth Degree Service Diagnostic © is Agency Communications Evaluation software dedicated to generating continuous improvement – and therefore value. It’s not simply a generic communication survey with a resulting score card or colourful graphic to apply to projects or any communications agency relationship.

Enth Degree Service Diagnostic © evaluates relevant areas of service – your key agency performance areas. It clarifies expectations and removes obstacles to enable ongoing output of great work. It can also allow the creation of a direct relationship between performance and remuneration.

Agency relationships that involve significant investment require effective agency management prior to any issues being identified. And if issues requiring resolution are unearthed, the Enth Degree Service Diagnostic © appraisal system is designed to resolve them through the immediate, actionable insights driven by filtered comments and delivered in the form of tight, focused reporting and mediated meetings. Through strong market appreciation, Enth Degree is able to provide in depth analysis of the response dynamics.

The benefits of a structured 360° agency performance assessment:

  • Highlights an agency’s strengths and identifies areas for improvement
  • Identifies client side obstacles to agency success
  • Clarifies clients expectations and provides a “roadmap” for agencies to develop action plans for improvement
  • Recognition of individual efforts
  • Can be linked to remuneration
  • Benchmarking performance across an agency roster against common service expectations

The adoption of Enth Degree Service Diagnostic © will prevent small issues becoming large ones.

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