AdNews has released a great illustration of critical issues behind the lack of Media Agency transparency and accountability.     

The Article “Ad Fraud uncovered and how it happens” (Pippa Chambers, AdNews, 10.2.15) provides a concise outline of potential fraudulent media activities.

It’s not to say that all of these practices occur at every Media Agency, however it is a good summation for any marketer to be aware of when engaging a Media Agency.  Enth Degree has identified a number of these activities for our clients and developed contracts to ensure they cannot be implemented on our clients’ business.

Enth Degree’s independence and attention to detail has enabled us to identify many of these major issues, have them rectified and then managed through a water tight Agreement. The article and themes identified stress the importance to have your media performance independently verified.  When was the last time you reviewed your media services?  Call us to find out more.

Read the full AdNews Article here.