Innovative strategic thinking is something you would expect your creative or media agency partner to provide; so the question is have you applied expert strategic thinking to managing your agency portfolio?

The ability to apply advanced and experienced thinking to agency remuneration and management can deliver a fundamental change in marketing behaviour both on the client AND agency side to drive effective and efficient marketing campaigns and relationships.

What is it?

  • Application of experienced insights (national and international), benchmarks and interpretation by industry practitioners to develop forward thinking initiatives for agency remuneration and process management.
  • With the growing focus on digital media and its many related challenges, we have found that marketers can be at risk of duplicating resources and premium pricing without utilising all agency partners to their best ability.
  • Having the ability to analyse the entire agency portfolio, and related efficiency and productivity is a great opportunity for marketers to optimise their full potential and a speciality of our strategic project thinkers.

How can it be used?

Some project examples:

  • Decoupling production agencies
  • Separating thinking and creation from implementation (both marketing and agency resources)
  • Developing tailored output production menus
  • Streamlined agency roster solutions
  • Constructive agency incentives that reward outstanding performance and provide tangible client results
  • Integration of legacy and digital media measurement.

Why is it important?

  • An innovative approach to agency management exposes the marketing team to new solutions leading to management improvement and savings.
  • There are tangible benefits both internally and on the agency side when applying new thinking.

Action Points…

  • Review your agency contract – do you have a traditional model such as a retainer that results in additional fees, or an out-dated and separate fee for digital media? If so, your agency costs could benefit from a diagnostic check and structure review.
  • What incentives do you have to reward the agency for outstanding performance? Do they drive tangible business results across the strategic and production process?
  • Contact Enth Degree to speak with one of our value strategists.