What is value management?

A proven approach and guiding principle applied at Enth Degree to ensure the optimum balance of agency cost while ensuring service excellence and quality output.    With all our projects it is about delivering the right outcome for the client while establishing the agency relationship for a successful and effective future.

What are your beliefs and core values?

We believe in continuous improvement in the work of our clients, and of ourselves.  That means constant review, improvement and innovation.  We’re solutions driven and value driven.  We’re innovative, investigative, and persistent.  We don’t practice the one-size-fits-all approach.  Our three core values of Integrity, Innovation, and Impartiality underpin the work we deliver.

In which disciplines do you have experience?

Enth Degree provides a range of services that can be applied across any communication channel.  In terms of marketing communication service providers, our experience covers creative, media, strategy, branding, digital, social, search, public relations, design, production, and direct marketing.

We have experience in legacy and new media and our team has been selected from a cross section of backgrounds from media and creative to marketing and law.  Where required we engage specialist expertise such as a practicing TV producer or Digital Developer for performing specific channel production cost audits.

In which industries do you have experience?

The specifics of projects we are involved in remains confidential, however we can reveal that our experience spans a range of industries including finance, government, retail, automotive, telecommunications, home improvement, FMCG, property, entertainment, transport, utilities, insurance, leisure, and more.

In which markets do you provide services?

Enth Degree has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.  From these offices, we service clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.  We also have affiliates and relationships with similar marketing consultancies in Europe and beyond.

Do you work with Procurement or Purchasing departments?

Yes.  We work as an extension to both the marketing and procurement departments.  Depending on the client and project, we can be engaged by either party or both.  Our robust database provides great benchmark information for procurement teams.

How do you source your industry benchmarks?

We develop industry benchmarks from a variety of sources.  We source valuable industry information through subscription to industry data resources, academic and proprietary research, and through information readily available to the public which we assess against other sources for reliability.  Naturally, the work we undertake also puts us in the privileged position of being able to access a significant amount of exclusive data.  As our pool of clients has grown, so has our knowledge bank.  We keep this knowledge healthy through the application of market and fee changes as they happen.

Combined with the years of experience our staff members have, we are well equipped to apply our benchmark data and knowledge to each client’s specific situation, and assist them to make fair and sustainable decisions on individual rates and remuneration.

What types of industry benchmarks do you have?

We have foundation cost benchmarks including salaries, head hour rates, and overhead/profit multiples.  In addition to these, we have benchmarks for resource mixes across a variety of marketing communication disciplines.  Benchmark types also include:

  • Resource levels (i.e. hourly investment for different types of projects and scope of work)
  • Resource quality (i.e. years of experience, junior/mid-level/senior)
  • Resource type (i.e. designer vs developer vs producer!)
  • Rate card costs for common marketing collateral
  • Production, dispatch, and studio item costs
  • Performance ‘at risk’ and bonus levels

What are the costs associated with utilising Enth Degree’s services?

Enth Degree undertakes an accurate and realistic quoting process based on projected time required, seniority of resource required, and associated head hour rates which we are believe are highly competitive. We use these elements to form ‘project’ estimates which we outline in detail.  Unless the scope of work changes, there will be no change to the approved project fee.  A payment schedule is developed and mutually agreed with the client.  Our quotes are based on the specific brief you give us.  If you’re still working out the brief, we’ll help you with this prior to supplying a quote for our services.

Will the cost of engaging Enth Degree be returned through real savings?

In 95% of cases, savings to marketers far outweigh Enth Degree fees, and in the instances where this is not apparent we are usually able to enhance value in other areas of service delivery. Our aim is to optimise service delivery, not add to the mountain of costs and duplication of services.

Do you charge a percentage of savings?

No, we never have, and we never will.  We don’t believe this remuneration method is conducive to the client as it is cost-driven rather than quality-driven.

What is the average time period for your services? Will I be engaged and updated throughout the process?

Timeframes for services provided vary depending on the scope and detail required. Smaller reviews can be completed in less than 2 weeks, while a more detailed audit or agency engagement process may necessitate a more substantial time commitment. In any instance Enth Degree’s ‘turn around’ time is efficient and managed within agreed timeframes developed with our clients. We liaise with all relevant third parties to facilitate speedy delivery.

Enth Degree clients are constantly updated and aware of the progress of their reviews, training or appointment processes. We provide comprehensive summaries throughout all our processes so that our clients know exactly what point in the timeline they are at. Our aim is to be one step ahead at all times.

Are there any areas of service in which Enth Degree experiences conflicts of interest?

Enth Degree is privately owned and is proud to be completely independent of agencies. Although we have been approached we will not provide our services to any client communication supplier.  In cases where we have clients operating in the same category, we implement safeguards and information barriers to ensure client confidentiality and to prevent conflicts of interest.  We are also able to service clients out of our separate Sydney and Melbourne offices.

What’s your position on confidentiality?

Enth Degree is happy to sign your non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement.  Given that we are privy to a significant amount of confidential information from clients and their agency partners, we understand the need for information to remain confidential.  We ask the same of our clients in return.

In addition to confidentiality in terms of supplied information and project outcomes, we also like to keep a low profile to limit the incidence of our integrity being questioned.

We do not have a business if we do not observe confidentiality and the trust of our clients.

Do you do work for agencies?

No, and we never have.  It’s as simple as that.  We don’t work for them, and we don’t receive any payment from them.  This includes agencies, media and production providers.  We are committed to providing feedback to agencies, and addressing relevant industry issues as requested, however we are committed to maintaining a clear position of working on behalf of the marketer, not their suppliers.

How do agencies feel about your involvement?

Naturally, involving a consultant like Enth Degree will at times cause concern with your agency partners.

Over the years Enth Degree has developed a positive working relationship with most agencies in the market.  In fact we find that some agencies are recommending our services to marketers as they recognise our aim to achieve fair and sustainable outcomes for all parties.

How do I get in touch with Enth Degree?

Contact us via the online enquiry form on our website, or by calling any of our contact numbers:

Enth Degree Sydney: +61 (02) 9976 2000

Enth Degree Melbourne:  +61 (03) 9646 8866